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  • Thorsten Beier

    Thorsten Beier

  • AdrienDelsalle


  • Rebecca Murphey

    Rebecca Murphey

    Engineering Manager @ Stripe. Based in Durham, NC.

  • Franck Leroy

    Franck Leroy

    Developer and ecologist. Follow me on https://twitter.com/FranckLeroy or https://mastodon.online/@FranckLeroy

  • Fenjin Wang

    Fenjin Wang

  • Maarten Breddels

    Maarten Breddels

    freelance software dev / consultant / parttime astronomer, python, creator of vaex & ipyvolume, woodworking, beer brewing, problem solving. maartenbreddels.com

  • hpcprogrammer


    I am a scientific programmer in the HPC world. Titan was my favorite computer.

  • Jose Ferro

    Jose Ferro

    Python coder. NLP. Pandas. Currently heavily involved with ipywidgets (ipysheet, ipyvuetify, ipycytoscape)

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